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Ever wonder if the company you contracted to perform a service is actually performing that service to your exact requirements. Well we are firm believers in “trust but verify.”

There are a lot of companies similar to our own that will say they do this or do that, and even have the certification they paid $500 for.

Do you ever want to just check? Well don’t worry, we let you watch us on camera.

We have cameras on our testing and wiping stations, as well as loading and unloading areas in our facility, just log in to your account and watch us wipe your equipment.

When can you be sure of something?

A: When you Hire IT Assets, Inc.

We offer many tools to our clients to insure that not only you are satisfied with our service but that you are confident of our service as well.

By offering Our live Camera Feeds, and data destruction tools we have taken a step that most in our industry are not capable or willing to perform.

No company is perfect, no person is infallible, but we have multiple layers of security to prevent any person or procedure from failing.